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*Application and Pics*

name: Kristina
age: 18
location: San Diego California! Sunny D! Yes!
background: German 100%
about yourself: I'm determind, and stubborn, I love to get my way, but I'll do anything when it comes to love, (which I am in right now). I'm a senior right now in highschool and getting ready to graduate and go to UCSD to become a plastic surgeon. I'm obsessed with Angelina Jolie some say it's unhealthy, I say, I don't care. Haha. I love to have a good time and to spend time with my wonderful friends. I love making people laugh and I'm definatly not afraid to laugh at myself.
worst quality: I can be too independent sometimes
best quality: I'm very sensitive
fav bands or singers: Elvis Presley!! My number ONE!
fav movie: ANYTHING with Angelina, if I had to pick, Original Sin
fav song: "Come What May" - Moulin Rouge
fav tv show: X-Treme Makeover


Datz a wrap! :)

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