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name: Alice, but mostly called Biddy
age: 15
location: London, England.
background: 1/2 American, 1/2 Russian
about yourself: I'm one of the top 3 under-18 surfers in England, I go to the same school as a girl called Emma Watson (shes an actor), I'm a die-hard Manchester United fan, I have a cockney accent, I go to a grammar school and I love to play guitar.
worst quality: I like proof.
best quality: I can be pretty funny
fav bands or singers: Three Days Grace, K's Choice, NFG, SoCo, Jet, The Streets, No doubt
fav movie: Troy
fav song: You spin me 'round (Dead or Alive)
fav tv show: I'm at boarding school so I don't get to watch much TV, but I suppose TRL.

(Sorry they are really bad pics! Seriously, I'm not that ..weird! They are the only ones I have!)
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