this calls for a toast, so pour the champagne (halfdressed_) wrote in hawtest_hotties,
this calls for a toast, so pour the champagne

name: bri[anna]
age: 15 & some odd months.
location: sin city
background: white
about yourself: im a freshmen at cmhs. on the track team. i love to go out and dance. guys that call you up and wanna hangout just so they can hookup with you fucking pisses me off. oh and i can lick my elbow ;) yeah okay no.
worst quality: Im materialistic, very. & my mom says i have a major attitude problem.. what can i say?
best quality: ur mom. no i love to make people laugh
fav bands or singers: taking back sunday, brand new, coheed&cambria, blink 182, something corporate, starting line, dashboard confessional, sugarcult, lost prophits, & more.
fav movie: swim fan, the hot chick, how to deal.
fav song: right now its: brand new 'me vs. maradona vs. elvis'
fav tv show: real world [sandiego], 8 simple rules, the oc, CSI.

yeahh there big. but the bruise isnt there anymore :) lol

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