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location: cali! woot.
background: 1/2 japanese, 1/2 british. wierd, i know.
about yourself: i'm independant, and driven when i put my mind to something. I used to go to a tiny little all-girls prep school, but i recently got kicked out for doing something insanely stupid. *i wo'nt divulge the details* its been the biggest learning experience for me, mentally, emotionally, socially, and otherwise. I can't say that I have totally changed all my ways and am righteous now, but I've defintely been struck with reality. Now I go to a huge public school(which i LOVE)...and i'm hoping to get recruited for the Brown University tennis team(the coach seemed to like me..hehe) else. music wise, i listen mostly to rock, emo, old school punk, and alternative, but i can tolerate most genres of music except for country. i love hanging with my friends and just running around doing funny/crazy things.
worst quality: being a total junkie(er..when will ilearn that drugs are BAD), being overly-spontaneous, and having an ED ::shrugs::
best quality: most people come to me when they need a shoulder to cry on or someone to talk to.
fav bands or singers: omg. i could go on and on and on: finch.thrice.the used.chevelle.afi.coheed and cambria.brand new.less than jake.rufio.BRMC.deftones.finch.hoobastank.kill hannah.korn.dashboard confessional. afi. Linkin park.maroon 5.the offspring.blink182.MXPX.Rancid.relient K.finch.the shins.silverchair.simple plan.thursday.the distillers.Three days grace.sugarcult.sublime.POD.stone temple pilots.switchfoot.story of the year.staind.disturbed.the thrills.modest mouse....etc etc etc
fav movie: i'm not really into movies since i find it annoying because i can't talk much with the person i'm with when watching it, but i have to say, Requim for a Dream.
fav song: you're asking me to choose? ha.
fav tv show: none. i'm not a tv person. but infomertials rock! *dork*


me at my old school (in uniform) before i got kicked out.


this is just to show you all how my hair used to be...until my mom made me take the color out. *and i'm wearing a shirt i made!*


sorry for the blurryness

alright. i'm out.




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