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.. * application

name: Lauren
age: 15 - turning 16 one week from today!
location: NC

background: 40% Russian, 30% French-Canadian, 15% Cherokee Indian, 15% English
about yourself: I'm a sophomore in high school, I love singing, talking, hanging out with my friends, and movies.  I'm a Christian and believe very strongly in my faith, and in the standards and morals of my faith.  I'm not into labels, they piss me off, I listen to all kinds of music - I define my taste in music as "good music."  I like to wear clothes that look good on me, my favorite color is pink, and my favorite food is macaroni and cheese.
worst quality: very opinionated
best quality: very opinionated ... I said it is my best and worst quality because... sometimes it's good and sometimes it pisses people off... I've learned better how to moderate it but I still mess up sometimes, hehe.
fav bands or singers: Rooney, Weezer, Amici Forever, Josh Groban, Kelly Clarkson, Outkast, Michelle Branch, Chingy, 50 Cent, Christina Aguilera, Bethany Dillon, Stacie Orrico, Beyonce Knowles, Switchfoot, .
fav movie: "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "Pirates of the Caribbean"
fav song: "Stay Away" - Rooney; "Simply Because" - Rooney; "The Reason" - Hoobastank; "Unchained Melody" - The Righteous Brothers; "Whisper of Angels" - Amici Forever
fav tv show: "Alias" "The Simpsons"


^^ i'm the one in the middle... =)


thank you!  <3xxo.

EDIT! More pictures. =\\\

thank you! =)
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